New features on our Online Basketball Scorebook App!

When we first launched our online stats tracking software for basketball leagues, it wasn’t very different from our mobile apps.  We were in a rush to get the app online, so we didn’t take advantage of the benefits that a full keyboard and mouse setup can grant a user.

That’s no longer the case.  With the latest update to our online stat tracking software, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to do almost everything on our game page.

For example, instead of clicking the +1 button, you can now simply tap the “1” key on your keyboard. Whichever player is currently highlighted will automatically have a “Free Throw Made” in their stats entry.  Likewise, you can use the following keys to add the given stat to the active player:


Stat Shortcut Key
Free Throw Made 1
2-Pt FG Made 2
3-Pt FG Made 3
Rebound R
Assist A
Steal S
Block B
Foul F
Technical Foul T

That’s not the only way we sped up your tracking. You can also use the arrow keys to quickly move between each player and team. Tap up and down to switch between players on the same team, and left or right to switch between the Home and Away teams. This should eliminate the annoying scrolling and clicking that used to be required when keeping stats on a computer.

Finally, we received a request to allow certain players to be marked as “subbed in” or “subbed out” – basically, a way to keep the players who were actually on the court at the top of the roster list. This is now easily done by tapping the spacebar when a player is selected to mark them as “subbed out”. This will move them to the bottom of their team’s roster, and de-emphasize their row.  To mark a player as on the court, simply highlight them by clicking on them or using the new arrow keys shortcut, and tap the spacebar again.

We hope these changes make tracking statistics for your team or league even easier than ever. If you have any more suggestions on how to improve our online or mobile apps, leave a comment below or shoot us an email using the contact form on our website!  Existing users can use the updated version of the online statistics software by logging in to their team or league website and clicking “Online Stats App” in their site dashboard.  If you don’t have a league or team website on, sign up today!


Creating a Home Site for your Basketball Team

Attention all coaches, team managers, and stat keepers!  We are pleased to announce that you can now use to create a homepage for your basketball team!

A demo of how your basketball team's homepage can look.
A demo of how your basketball team’s homepage can look.

Whether you’re a middle school or high school team, offers tons of great features to keep your team’s players and parents up-to-date and happy.  You can post news updates, team schedules, track player and team stats, and more.

Your team’s players will love visiting our site to keep track of their stats, post comments on our discussion section, and keep informed about your squad.

Click on over to our website to learn more about what you can do with our basketball team site maker.

Or, if you’re already sold, click here to get started with your basketball team site immediately.  It requires absolutely NO technical expertise.