Create a site for your tournament

When you’re in charge of running a sports tournament, there are so many things to take care of. You have to plan logistics like where to play games, what date and time to start or end the tournament, and who is allowed to enter. Then, once you’ve settled on answers to those questions, there’s advertising to take care of, referees and score keepers to hire, and equipment to rent. Of course, you’ll also want to setup a system for accepting registration forms and fees, scheduling games and recording stats and scores, and updating players and teams as the event draws near. Luckily, you can do all of that and more using

Here’s an easy to follow guide to running a tournament on our website.

1. Login to your RecLeague account, or signup if you don’t have one already.

2. Create a new site for your tournament. Be sure to pick a name that is short, easy to remember, and try to include a year or season. That way, if you want to create another tournament down the road with a similar name, you’ll be able to just create a new site with the same name, but change the year or season. You’ll have the added benefit on keeping the information from the previous tournament. For example, say you are running a charity tourney for a local orphanage. A good short name might be RockCityorphanage17 since it’s clear and descriptive, and lets you create RockCityorphanage18 for your next tournament.

3. Open team or player registration and accept payment online. It’s easy to setup a questionnaire / registration form on Just go to your site dashboard and click Registration Forms, then add new. You’ll be directed to name the registration form, then asked to create some questions for players or teams to answer. The best part is that you’ll be able to accept and track registration fees through our website just by filling out a small form. We’ll also keep track of your waiting list, and help you to organize and edit registrations as they come in.

4. Advertise your websites URL. Since you created a short name in step 2, it’s easy to share your custom link to your website. Posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with a picture of your tournaments flyer, a picture of the grand prize, or an action shot from a previous tournament is a great way to hype potential players up and increase your registrations.

5. Once you’ve gotten enough registrations and received payment from enough teams, you can proceed to create those teams on your RecLeague site. If you’re running a single or double elimination bracket, check out our Tournament Brackets so that you can get a live updating view of each teams progression through the tournament. If you’re running a round robin tournament, check out our Round Robin scheduler that ensures that every team in the tournament plays each other team once.

6. You’re now ready to start the tournament. Be sure to have your scorers track the stats and games using our mobile apps so that you can provide live scores and stats updates, as well as a detailed game history through our game log feature.

Good luck!

Accept Online Payment for your League or Tournament

Accepting payments online is so common these days, people have come to expect it from all websites they visit. is no different, and we are happy to announce that we now allow any of our users to begin accepting credit and debit cards online for registration fees.

Once you create a registration form using our new online registration form generator, you’ll have the option to specify a payment amount and whether or not to accept payment online.  If you choose to accept online payment, any person who registers using that form will get a prompt to pay the specified price.  The payment will be securely transferred to your bank account within days. The player’s registration will be marked as ‘Paid’, and you’ll easily be able to see which of the registrants still hasn’t paid yet.

Payment Form
Registrants will be prompted to pay using their debit or credit card.

To get started, click “Create Merchant Account” from user profile page (get to your profile page by clicking your name on the top of the screen when logged in).  This will guide you through the integration process with Stripe®, an industry leader in secure online payment.  Once you’ve connected your bank account information with Stripe, you can begin accepting payment online!  Just create a registration form and follow the steps to creating your questions, and specifying a payment amount.

It’s easy as that.  Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

Game History now posted online!

Hey sports fans! is proud to announce a new way to review your games and breakdown how exactly the game flowed and your players synergy with on another.

With your usual player statistics, all you know is the totals in each category at the end of the game.  You have no idea when they happened, in what context, or in what order.

For example, you might be able to see that your point guard had 12 points, 4 rebounds, and 8 assists.  But without knowing the information around the statistics, like what time he/she scored the points, when he/she grabbed those boards, or when he/she relied on their teammates for baskets, you lose important information.  If all of the points came in the first 3 quarters, then you would know that you should focus on finishing games (perhaps your point guard isn’t aggresive enough at the end of games?)

It’s for that reason that we are happy to announce that with the latest version of our score tracking mobile and web apps, you and your players can now review your *entire* game log from your game page on our website.


Recorded Game Log

Currently we track the player, action, and time of every recorded statistic.  In the future, we hope to expand to include even more details of stats.

If you already track your team or league stats using our website, be sure to update to the latest versions of our mobile apps.

If you don’t yet have a basketball site on, then sign up for a free league or team website today.

Let us know what you think!  Leave a comment or contact us.


Adding and Editing Your Players from our Mobile Apps

One of our most common requests for features is the ability to manage player rosters from the mobile app.  We’re happy to announce that this is now possible using the iOS and Android versions of RecLeague’s basketball management app.

To manage your team remotely, just download the basketball scorebook app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Once you’re signed in, and chosen which league (or team) you are managing, you can click “Manage” (or “Add/Edit Players”) at the top of the screen.


From there, you can quickly add a new player to a team, or change his/her number and name.  This is great for quickly adding new players to your roster, fixing spelling mistakes, or even assigning new numbers to a player right before a game.


Manage Basketball Team Rosters from Android App


Once you’ve made the appropriate changes to the player’s name or number, just tap ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen, and you’re done!

New features on our Online Basketball Scorebook App!

When we first launched our online stats tracking software for basketball leagues, it wasn’t very different from our mobile apps.  We were in a rush to get the app online, so we didn’t take advantage of the benefits that a full keyboard and mouse setup can grant a user.

That’s no longer the case.  With the latest update to our online stat tracking software, you can now use keyboard shortcuts to do almost everything on our game page.

For example, instead of clicking the +1 button, you can now simply tap the “1” key on your keyboard. Whichever player is currently highlighted will automatically have a “Free Throw Made” in their stats entry.  Likewise, you can use the following keys to add the given stat to the active player:


Stat Shortcut Key
Free Throw Made 1
2-Pt FG Made 2
3-Pt FG Made 3
Rebound R
Assist A
Steal S
Block B
Foul F
Technical Foul T

That’s not the only way we sped up your tracking. You can also use the arrow keys to quickly move between each player and team. Tap up and down to switch between players on the same team, and left or right to switch between the Home and Away teams. This should eliminate the annoying scrolling and clicking that used to be required when keeping stats on a computer.

Finally, we received a request to allow certain players to be marked as “subbed in” or “subbed out” – basically, a way to keep the players who were actually on the court at the top of the roster list. This is now easily done by tapping the spacebar when a player is selected to mark them as “subbed out”. This will move them to the bottom of their team’s roster, and de-emphasize their row.  To mark a player as on the court, simply highlight them by clicking on them or using the new arrow keys shortcut, and tap the spacebar again.

We hope these changes make tracking statistics for your team or league even easier than ever. If you have any more suggestions on how to improve our online or mobile apps, leave a comment below or shoot us an email using the contact form on our website!  Existing users can use the updated version of the online statistics software by logging in to their team or league website and clicking “Online Stats App” in their site dashboard.  If you don’t have a league or team website on, sign up today!


Creating a Home Site for your Basketball Team

Attention all coaches, team managers, and stat keepers!  We are pleased to announce that you can now use to create a homepage for your basketball team!

A demo of how your basketball team's homepage can look.
A demo of how your basketball team’s homepage can look.

Whether you’re a middle school or high school team, offers tons of great features to keep your team’s players and parents up-to-date and happy.  You can post news updates, team schedules, track player and team stats, and more.

Your team’s players will love visiting our site to keep track of their stats, post comments on our discussion section, and keep informed about your squad.

Click on over to our website to learn more about what you can do with our basketball team site maker.

Or, if you’re already sold, click here to get started with your basketball team site immediately.  It requires absolutely NO technical expertise.

How to Schedule Games in a Round Robin League using

A round-robin schedule in a league or tournament is a method of making sure that every team plays every other team exactly once.  Scheduling games like this can be pretty time-consuming, both for managers, and for the teams involved – since every team must play all of the others, that makes a lot of games.  (You can actually calculate the number of games needed by taking the number of teams, dividing it by 2, and multiplying it by the number of teams – 1. ie. N/2 * (N-1)).

Anyways, with’s “Schedule Creator” feature, you can easily create games for round robin leagues from one page.

We’ll automatically take every team you’ve entered, and prepare a game that you just have to click “Schedule” for. Each round is separated so that you can easily segment the game into however often your league plays.




Of course, to keep a league’s length shorter, you can always choose to skip over a round, or not schedule all the games. We leave that choice up to you.

This feature should make creating games a lot simpler, and easier to make sense of.

To get to the round robin scheduler, existing users can sign in to their league website and click “Games” from their league dashboard. Then, click “Schedule Creator”, and you can start creating your games right away.

If you aren’t a user, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a league account now.


Display Your Picture in Your Player Profile

Good news, basketball players! You can now show your picture and some basic information next to your Player Profile and Stats page.


Just go to your player profile page, and click the blue “Connect to Facebook” button.  Login to Facebook using the popup window, and you’re done! Your league manager just has to approve the connection, and your picture will be up there next to your stats for complete bragging rights. 🙂

League managers, to protect your league and your player’s privacy, you must allow each player’s Facebook connection request.  From your league dashboard, click “Facebook Connection Requests” and you can review and accept each player’s connnection request.

New Online Statistics Software for Basketball Leagues

It’s the 21st century – so why are you still keeping stats for your basketball league in one of these?

Old Pencil and Paper Scorebook

The pencil and paper scorebook had it’s time in the spotlight, but now it’s time for the new and improved version:


That’s right – now you can just bring a laptop to your league’s games, and record the statistics just by clicking the mouse a few times. The game’s data will be automatically saved on your league website just by pressing the “Save” button.

If you don’t have a laptop to bring to games, don’t worry – you can always just use your mobile phone or tablet to track game stats as well.  And these days, who doesn’t have a smart phone?

If you don’t have an account, visit to create your basketball league website instantly.

Importing Players and Teams from a Spreadsheet

Adding players and teams to your league’s website is a relatively painless process – just click “Add Player”, type in the player name and (optionally) their number, and you’re done.

The problem that arises though, is that many times you have a spreadsheet full of player names and information and you simply don’t have the time and patience to type them all up.

After getting a suggestion from one of our customers (, we created an “Import Spreadsheet” function that allows anyone running a league to upload a spreadsheet with player information and automatically have each player added to their respective team.  If you haven’t yet added your league’s teams, they will be automatically created as well.

Existing users can sign in to their league account and find the link to the player and team import function under their “Players” dashboard.

If you are not yet a user of, you can quickly sign up and make your league website in seconds.