Accepting payments online is so common these days, people have come to expect it from all websites they visit. is no different, and we are happy to announce that we now allow any of our users to begin accepting credit and debit cards online for registration fees.

Once you create a registration form using our new online registration form generator, you’ll have the option to specify a payment amount and whether or not to accept payment online.  If you choose to accept online payment, any person who registers using that form will get a prompt to pay the specified price.  The payment will be securely transferred to your bank account within days. The player’s registration will be marked as ‘Paid’, and you’ll easily be able to see which of the registrants still hasn’t paid yet.

Payment Form

Registrants will be prompted to pay using their debit or credit card.

To get started, click “Create Merchant Account” from user profile page (get to your profile page by clicking your name on the top of the screen when logged in).  This will guide you through the integration process with Stripe®, an industry leader in secure online payment.  Once you’ve connected your bank account information with Stripe, you can begin accepting payment online!  Just create a registration form and follow the steps to creating your questions, and specifying a payment amount.

It’s easy as that.  Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

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