How to Schedule Games in a Round Robin League using

A round-robin schedule in a league or tournament is a method of making sure that every team plays every other team exactly once.  Scheduling games like this can be pretty time-consuming, both for managers, and for the teams involved – since every team must play all of the others, that makes a lot of games.  (You can actually calculate the number of games needed by taking the number of teams, dividing it by 2, and multiplying it by the number of teams – 1. ie. N/2 * (N-1)).

Anyways, with’s “Schedule Creator” feature, you can easily create games for round robin leagues from one page.

We’ll automatically take every team you’ve entered, and prepare a game that you just have to click “Schedule” for. Each round is separated so that you can easily segment the game into however often your league plays.




Of course, to keep a league’s length shorter, you can always choose to skip over a round, or not schedule all the games. We leave that choice up to you.

This feature should make creating games a lot simpler, and easier to make sense of.

To get to the round robin scheduler, existing users can sign in to their league website and click “Games” from their league dashboard. Then, click “Schedule Creator”, and you can start creating your games right away.

If you aren’t a user, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a league account now.


Display Your Picture in Your Player Profile

Good news, basketball players! You can now show your picture and some basic information next to your Player Profile and Stats page.


Just go to your player profile page, and click the blue “Connect to Facebook” button.  Login to Facebook using the popup window, and you’re done! Your league manager just has to approve the connection, and your picture will be up there next to your stats for complete bragging rights. 🙂

League managers, to protect your league and your player’s privacy, you must allow each player’s Facebook connection request.  From your league dashboard, click “Facebook Connection Requests” and you can review and accept each player’s connnection request.

New Online Statistics Software for Basketball Leagues

It’s the 21st century – so why are you still keeping stats for your basketball league in one of these?

Old Pencil and Paper Scorebook

The pencil and paper scorebook had it’s time in the spotlight, but now it’s time for the new and improved version:


That’s right – now you can just bring a laptop to your league’s games, and record the statistics just by clicking the mouse a few times. The game’s data will be automatically saved on your league website just by pressing the “Save” button.

If you don’t have a laptop to bring to games, don’t worry – you can always just use your mobile phone or tablet to track game stats as well.  And these days, who doesn’t have a smart phone?

If you don’t have an account, visit to create your basketball league website instantly.

Importing Players and Teams from a Spreadsheet

Adding players and teams to your league’s website is a relatively painless process – just click “Add Player”, type in the player name and (optionally) their number, and you’re done.

The problem that arises though, is that many times you have a spreadsheet full of player names and information and you simply don’t have the time and patience to type them all up.

After getting a suggestion from one of our customers (, we created an “Import Spreadsheet” function that allows anyone running a league to upload a spreadsheet with player information and automatically have each player added to their respective team.  If you haven’t yet added your league’s teams, they will be automatically created as well.

Existing users can sign in to their league account and find the link to the player and team import function under their “Players” dashboard.

If you are not yet a user of, you can quickly sign up and make your league website in seconds.

Mobile App for Basketball League Stats

Are you running a basketball league? Do you still use one of these?

Old Pencil and Paper Scorebook


Well, I feel bad for you. First, because running a basketball league is an exercise in patience and boredom.  Everyone is constantly bugging you to rearrange their schedules, update your website, upload the stats, change the referees, update your website, and update your website.

Secondly, because you really shouldn’t be forced to carry pencil and paper around to write down points scored and calculate team fouls like some sort of prehistoric caveman.  Heck, that’s why we invented computers, isn’t it?

With’s new mobile app for iOS and Android, all you need to keep track of statistics for your website is have an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet.  Our apps will take care of adding up points, tallying rebounds, and counting team and player fouls.

Our app works on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.
Our app works on iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.

If you think you made a mistake (but let’s be honest, usually it’s just a player complaining for no reason), you don’t even have to worry – you can just check the Game History Log and see every thing you recorded from beginning to end.

Then, when the game is done, just tap “Save” and it’ll send the entire game’s data up to your website in a second. Who won, who scored the most, who hacked the most and racked up the fouls – all on your league website without you doing anything.  No more “update the website” nagging, no more procrastinating on typing in player stats. If that’s not modern life, what is?  Use the links below to get the apps, or sign up for

Download the RecLeague App

Download for iPads and iPhones

Download for Android Tablets and Phones