A round-robin schedule in a league or tournament is a method of making sure that every team plays every other team exactly once.  Scheduling games like this can be pretty time-consuming, both for managers, and for the teams involved – since every team must play all of the others, that makes a lot of games.  (You can actually calculate the number of games needed by taking the number of teams, dividing it by 2, and multiplying it by the number of teams – 1. ie. N/2 * (N-1)).

Anyways, with RecLeague.net’s “Schedule Creator” feature, you can easily create games for round robin leagues from one page.

We’ll automatically take every team you’ve entered, and prepare a game that you just have to click “Schedule” for. Each round is separated so that you can easily segment the game into however often your league plays.




Of course, to keep a league’s length shorter, you can always choose to skip over a round, or not schedule all the games. We leave that choice up to you.

This feature should make creating games a lot simpler, and easier to make sense of.

To get to the round robin scheduler, existing users can sign in to their league website and click “Games” from their league dashboard. Then, click “Schedule Creator”, and you can start creating your games right away.

If you aren’t a user, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a league account now.


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